Shine in the Dark Salvation Bracelet Gift Bags for Evangelism

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GIFT BAGS, Custom Premium Salvation Bracelet (1,000)


Design your own Exceptional Quality Unique Customized Salvation Bracelets to Gift while doing God's Work

Premium thick 2mm round cord options lasts at least one year continuous wear.

Shine in the Dark Salvation Bracelets are Adjustable, One Size Fits Most up to an average man. 

Awesome Selection of Gold and Red Beads and Premium Cords to choose from.

All White Beads Glow in the Dark, which creates a special interest in this unique, treasured keepsake. Smile 

> Click on thumbnail pics below in Bead Style Gallery to enlarge images and view Bead Style # and Name:

Bead Style Gallery

See Bead Style Gallery page for a more detailed explanation regarding Bead Styles.

A 5% Discount has been applied on this page for 1,000 Salvation Bracelet Gift Bags. You may add Instructions below if you'd like for us to prepare various styles by providing your numbered style preferences and quantity for each. Please limit your style choices to 4.

For assistance placing an order, please call or text 1-901-870-2608. 


1) Select Message Card (5 or 6 Bead Salvation Bracelet Gift Bags available only in English):
2) Select Cord preference from Cord Pics above:
3) Select Bead Style option from Bead Style Gallery above:
4) Select Salvation Bracelet Design from upper Main Pic:
5) Optional Instructions, Urgent Delivery Requirements (please call first), Mission Work Info for Prayer, etc. Smile :

6) Click "Add to Cart" button above and then adjust item "Quantity" to equal totals for multiples of 1,000.

Preassembled Salvation Bracelets, Key Rings, Gift Bags, and Craft Kits are custom-made per order and are non-returnable. Thank you for your understanding.

How soon may I expect to receive my order?

Salvation Bracelet Gift Bags are assembled by Memphis Inner-city Shine in the Dark Missionaries, servants to the homeless and indigent communities locally and abroad.

Thanks for supporting the Mission Work of Shine in the Dark Commission, a 501c3 Charitable Ministry.

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Shine in the Dark Commission
(501c3 Charitable Christian Ministry)
87 Clark Place, Memphis, Tennessee 38104-2413 USA

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