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We've been serving The LORD in our community and distributing Salvation Bracelets as a Fundraiser since 2002. Please know that your order with Shine in the Dark Commission supports God's Mission work locally and abroad. 



My great-aunt informed me that she was having 1-hour prayer lock-ins for me when I was 37.  Soon thereafter, I had a radical Saul to Paul born again experience while on a South Beach, Miami excursion in March of 1997.  I’ll always cherish that beautiful honeymoon experience with God!  He cleansed me from drugs and drug dealing and adopted me as His son, welcoming me into your family. Since that time, He has also called me friend.

In the Fall of 2001, our Church Pastor announced for those interested in going on a mission trip to Niteroi, Brazil to write our names on a list.  While standing next to the list, a friend asked if I was going to add my name.  Since I had given all of my drug money away, I replied, “I don’t have that kind of money” to which she responded, “You have faith, don’t you?”  I put my name on the list with faith the size of a mustard seed.  A couple of months prior to leaving, God sent someone I had recently housed to help with her drug addiction to tithe the exact cost of the trip!  This was definitely God.  She was totally unaware of my need!  Our team took 10,000 Salvation Bracelets to Niteroi where we broke into smaller groups and shared the Gospel with hundreds of classrooms of school students throughout the week.  When I returned, I was fired up to hit the streets of Memphis.  I ordered enough supplies to make several thousand bracelets.  I’ll never forget how cynical I felt as my friend and I approached “thug looking” young men in the hood.  However, The LORD prepares the hearts of those He is pursuing and directs and orders the steps of those He is working through.  When we approached one young man, he shared that he had just been considering how he could get saved . . .  my confirmation that God was working in the midst of our efforts.  God then told me to take pictures and create a website offering Salvation Bracelets.  I’ve learned that whenever I procrastinate, He says to me, “NOW, DO IT RIGHT NOW!”  I didn’t even know how to design a website, but the Holy Spirit does, and He is our teacher.  Our ministry name, “Shine in the Dark” was birthed from adding the unique glow bead as the white bead on Sine in the Dark Salvation Bracelets.  We got our 501c3 at the end of 2002 and then I realized we were actually “shining in the dark” as we distributed clothes and food to the needy from a school bus.  After a few years of doing little to nothing in bracelet sales, we FINALLY prayed, “God, why did You have us do this if it’s not doing anything?  Since this was Your leading, show us how to do more.”  Immediately, both doors and windows flung open, and we started supplying evangelists around the world with thousands of Salvation Bracelets.  So this sums up why I am bagging beads, cords, and Salvation Craft Kits and Bracelets for The LORD now, instead of dope for the devil!

I recently accepted the God-given opportunity to join one of our partners in their venture to Moldova where teams distributed 10,000 pairs of winter boots to children in dire need throughout the country. I got to witness first-hand the effectiveness of using the Salvation Bracelet to present the Gospel Message while sharing with each child and family members. God is working around the globe in a mighty way through His Salvation Bracelets.

We are humbly honored and realize that we're extremely privileged that God has given us the opportunity to serve you and continue to pray even now over every order that God would go before you and prepare the hearts of those you minister to.  May you be blessed with the Grand Adventure of following and walking with Jesus!  God bless you!!!  In Christ, Jay

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