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Memphis Missionary Internships Available

Opportunities are currently available to serve as part-time Shine in the Dark Missionaries in exchange for shared room (pro-rated and discounted) rent / living expense arrangements while earning a monthly stipend.

Missionaries are needed to:
1. assist in order production of Salvation Bracelets and Evangelism Supplies for Missionaries, Churches, groups, and individuals order these items through our website as a fundraiser to support our Domestic and International Outreach Charitable Ministries. We also prep orders for Health Focused Food Fermentation Supplies.
2.assist in Daily Distribution of Donated Food to Community Feeding Outreaches to Homeless, Refugees, Children and Youth, Handicapped, and Seniors.
3. join us as we embark on International Mission Trips working with God in communities enduring abject poverty.

 College Student Housing and Employment Opportunity

  • Need a QUIET HOME where you can study?

This is a great home for college students! Everyone in our home is usually in work or study mode; consideration comes natural.

  • Can you do some light missionary work at least 12 hours per week in exchange for rent, utilities, AND a paycheck? And you don’t mind sharing a large bedroom with a roommate?

Work hours are flexible (another perk for college students!) and work is usually done while sitting. We assemble Salvation Bracelets, Craft Kits, and Supplies for evangelism distribution. We also distribute food fermentation supplies through Amazon, eBay, and a website. The more you work, the more you get paid.

  • Like to eat?

As a ministry, we receive GOOD FOOD donations. We never go hungry.

  • Want to practice your career skills while serving God?

Our ministry is in need of people skilled or interested in community service, business management and organization, accounting, product development, marketing and sales, website development and maintenance, advertising graphics.

  • Like to TRAVEL?

We go on Mission Trips often, including International destinations.



We can connect your group to local ministry areas of service including Homeless Shelters, Soup Kitchens, a Handicap Center, Refugee Communities, Children's Hospitals, etc. Consider bringing your group to facilitate a VBS or Sidewalk Sunday Schools in one of our impoverished local communities. For blacks and whites (we provide the mix) to work alongside one another helps to eradicate the racist mentality in our children.

There are no fees for our service. It is our God-given calling to help you find an inexpensive means of exposing your group to realities outside your norm and comfort zones.

You can also serve with our ministry while in Memphis as we visit and deliver donated food to those in need. We suggest that it is a great thing to ask your congregation/participants to collect giveaway items including clothing, household goods, toys, etc. so they will sense a personal impact assisting those in need.

Your group would be working alongside the Shine in the Dark Commission Missionary Team. The is a great opportunity for your group to fellowship with, encourage, and shine your Light on inner-city, under-privileged young, as well as handicapped, refugees, seniors, and homeless.

Submit your dates and approximate number of participants, and we'll respond regarding availability.

Missionary Housing Maintenance Projects

We urgently need help getting any or all of these tasks completed.

1) Old plaster interior wall and windows are water damaged and need repair

2) Exterior wall needs to have stucco replaced

3) Electrical wiring of outdoor and indoor security lights

4) 2 bathrooms need tile replaced

5) Gutter replacements 2 stories high

6) Some trees trimmed and a couple cut down

If any or the above opportunities interest you, please contact Jay at 1-901-870-2608. 

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