Premium Salvation Bracelet Gift Bags...

are Great Witnessing Tools given as a Gifts. The Salvation Bracelet is especially popular for any Christian desiring to "be ready" to share their faith.  The bright colors attract attention opening an evangelism opportunity to share God's Plan of Salvation.  The Salvation Bracelet is an excellent FREE GIFT to those we minister to during Church Outreaches, Sunday School, VBS, Mission Trips, or as we find opportunity throughout any given day . . .  keep several handy every day to give as gifts.

Create your own Exceptional Quality Unique Customized Salvation Bracelets

Shine in the Dark Premium Salvation Bracelets are CUSTOMIZED YOUR WAY!

Choose your Cord and Beads.

Premium Thick Round Cord Options (lasts at least a year continuous wear)

Awesome Selection of Gold and Red Beads and Premium Cords to choose from.

All White Beads Glow in the Dark, which creates a special interest in this unique, treasured keepsake. Smile

Shine in the Dark Salvation Bracelets are Adjustable, One Size Fits Most up to an average man.


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