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KINGDOM COME MINISTRIES DBA Shine in the Dark Commission, is a 501c3 nonprofit public charity breaking barriers of oppression and prejudice by introducing the abundant life of freedom Jesus offers as we serve indigents locally and abroad, including underprivileged and destitute of all ages, especially orphans. With sincere compassion, through personal discipleship, we provide support to the less fortunate by meeting physical, educational, and spiritual needs. Support includes the distribution of donated food and thrift clothing as well as grants of financial support to keep youth in school and microloans to disadvantaged young men to promote family sustainability. We also provide Bibles and other spiritual devotional materials to include Our Daily Bread. Staffed by self-supportive volunteers.


  • Grocery Store and Restaurant Daily Food Waste
  • Shelter and Work Income Needs for persons including Homeless in transition back into society, College Students needing a quiet study refuge, and Elderly requiring affordable housing
  • Spiritual Confusion


Local Missions Outreach to Inner-city Indigent Communities. Food Distribution to other nonprofits including children and youth ministries, a refugee food pantry, rehabilitation residential centers, a handicap center, and the elderly. Currently, per the calendar on this site, we are distributing Donated Food to Youth Villages, Grace House, Judicare, Teen Challenge, Vance Avenue Youth Development, Landmark Training Development, Raymond Skinner Handicap Center, Lewis Senior Center, Memphis Union Mission, and the 8th Street Mission.

Housing at 87 and 89 Clark Place, Memphis, 38104, and work provisions including the production of Evangelism Salvation Bracelet Supplies and Health Focused Food Fermentation Products.

Local and Global Outreach, Mentoring, and Discipleship of Male Orphan Youth to lead their communities out of Spiritual Confusion, in esp. the communities of Memphis inner-city and route dorigol, Ouest, Haiti.

Global Christian Evangelism through the distribution of Real Answer Resources including Salvation Bracelets, Our Daily Bread, and any other publications, etc. which connect individuals with their loving Father.


As Disciples unto Our Lord Jesus ... we are committed to daily - build character, and to promote love, harmony, consideration, respect and accountability for our fellow brother and sister ...

to apply appropriate and responsible behavior in promoting the healing and restoration of our souls so that we will all become over-comers and gain the victory God intends.

We strive to live whole-hearted unto God and to support our brothers and sisters in doing the same. The harvest is truly great.  We've been to the fields and seen it. Those committed to labor are few, and the work is plenty;

He is continually telling us all to "Go, Go ... Go ... " so we make ourselves available to "Go" continuously ... to the streets, homeless, neighborhoods, projects, malls, senior centers, hospitals, handicap centers, orphanages, classrooms, and prisons ... locally and around the world, sharing the Good News of what God has done for us and what He can and will do for those who choose to call Him Father and Friend. Jesus gave His life to redeem us, and we only desire to deny ourselves, take up our crosses, and follow Him ... sharing His love in this dark world.

Throughout the year, during every season, God presents many opportunities to "Go" in creative, loving ways ... and to plug into various ministry/missionary activities. It's not just about the ideas God has given us individually, but to support and be involved in the ministry work God has given our brothers and sisters to do.

The harvest is much too great for one man to think he can conquer the world by himself. God intends a Body, His Body, to work "together" to accomplish His goals.

We pray that He will send more laborers ... that we, as Christians, would not live like the world serving mammon, living in idolatry, serving ourselves, and our lusts ... to surrender and commit to serve God wholly, to truly know Him, ministering His word and His touch ..  healing the world - one life, one soul at a time.

Sometimes we are called to be leaders, and sometimes to follow; but we must all attempt to do all, as unto Him, to whom we owe all, as humble servants amongst wolves in a dark world.

Because He first loved us, while we were still sinners, we love Him back ... as whole-heartedly as we are capable of understanding Him today.

Your partnership is greatly appreciated!

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