Salvation Key Rings / Zipper Pulls w/ Laminated Message Cards, BLUE GLOW LACE

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Salvation Key Rings / Zipper Pulls w/ Laminated Message Cards, BLUE GLOW LACE


Design your own Exceptional Quality Unique Customized Key Rings / Zipper Pulls 

Awesome Selection of Gold and Red Beads

All White Beads Glow in the Dark, which creates a special interest in this unique, treasured keepsakeSmile

 $1.34 each

For assistance placing an order, please call or text 1-901-870-2608. 

Customize your Key Chains by clicking on each drop-down menu:

1) Select Color Bead Combination from Bead Style Gallery below:
3) Select Message card (and color beads):
3) Optional Instructions, Urgent Delivery Requirements (please call first), Mission Work Info for Prayer, etc. Smile :

4) Click "Add to Cart" button above and then adjust item "Quantity" (may be any number). 

Preassembled Salvation Bracelets, Key Rings, Gift Bags, and Craft Kits are custom-made per order and are non-returnable. Thank you for your understanding. 

How soon may I expect to receive my order? 

Salvation Bracelet Craft Kits are prepped by Memphis Inner-city Shine in the Dark Missionaries, servants to the homeless and indigent communities locally and abroad. 

 Thanks for supporting the Mission Work of Shine in the Dark Commission, a 501c3 Charitable Ministry. 


See Bead Style Gallery page for a more detailed explanation regarding Bead Styles. 

> Click on thumbnail pics below in Bead Style Gallery to enlarge images and view Bead Style # and Name:

Bead Style Gallery

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Shine in the Dark Commission
(501c3 Charitable Christian Ministry)
87 Clark Place, Memphis, Tennessee 38104-2413 USA

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