GIFT BAGS, Salvation Silicone Wristband

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GIFT BAGS, Salvation Silicone Wristband


Available in English or Spanish or No Print (not embossed).

Individually packaged Silicone Salvation Wristbands and are complemented with 3" x 4" Salvation Bracelet Message Cards which explain the colors and words meanings on the Salvation Wristbands:

Gold = Heaven (is paradise - a home where we can have eternal life with God)
Dark = sin (is the evil - not God's way - in our heart; sin separates us from God)
Red = JESUS (God is Love; He gave Jesus to be crucified on a cross to pay for our sins)
Glow White = Shine! (If Jesus lives in us, He empowers us to shine (to love and overcome sin)
Green = Reborn (If we ask God, He will make us born again -born of the Holy Spirit)
Blue = Repent (Be baptized in Jesus' name. Repent - give heart and will to Jesus)
Purple = LORD (Jesus is our Lord, Teacher, Friend - the Way, the Truth, and the Life)

Wristbands available in English and Spanish or No Print (not embossed).

Message Cards available in Multiple Languages.

Priced as follows:   1-23 =       $1.74 each
                                 24 =      $39.36 ($1.64 each)
                                 50 =      $77.00 ($1.54 each)
                               100 =    $144.00
($1.44 each)
                               500 =    $670.00 ($1.34 each)
                            1,000 = $1,240.00 ($1.24each)


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