Salvation Bracelets, Keychains, Zipper Pulls Assembly Materials

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RAW MATERIAL, Premium Salvation Bracelets Genuine Leather Cord & Beads



- spool(s) of thick 2mm genuine leather cord (fits through one bead twice and lasts at least one year continuous wear)

- 1 package each of colors beads and package(s) of clear beads requested to make either Salvation Bracelets or Key Rings / Zipper Pulls. You will need Split Ring and Snap Hook Sets to assemble Salvation Key Rings / Zipper Pulls. You might consider ordering a Bead Tray for better organization and easier assembly. 

Awesome Selection of Gold and Red Beads and Premium Cords to choose from.

 All White Beads Glow in the Dark, which creates a special interest in this unique, treasured keepsake. Smile

There are many ways to tie a Salvation Bracelethowever, after many years of experience, we believe the easiest methods for all ages other than the Loose Ends Design, which can be difficult to tie onto the wrist with only one hand, are the Ichthys and the Loop with 1 clear bead Designs. The loose ends of these two Salvation Bracelet Designs may be tightened with extra knots for continuous wear.

How to Make a Salvation Bracelet Assembly Instructions PDF 

Options for ordering Shine in the Dark Salvation Bracelets Supplies include:

Raw Materials = Most Difficult (Cord not cut, but cheapest way to order)   <- you're looking at

Prepped Supplies = Medium Difficutly (Cord cut, 1st knot tied)

Craft Kits = Easiest other than Preassembled (Prepped Cords & Beads separated into individual baggies) 

> Click on thumbnail pics below in Bead Style Gallery to enlarge images and view Bead Style # and Name:

Bead Style Gallery

See Bead Style Gallery page for a more detailed explanation regarding Bead Styles.  

Priced as follows: $59.99 Pack makes    265  (22.6¢ / salvation bracelet)
                           $115.99 Pack makes    530  (21.8¢ / salvation bracelet)
                           $204.99 Pack makes 1,060  (19.3 / salvation bracelet) 

For assistance placing an order, please call or text 1-901-870-2608. 

Customize your Salvation Bracelets by clicking on each drop-down menu below (If you don't like making choices, just click "Add to Cart" after 1 - Select Amount to have us select Cord Color, Bead Color Combination, Bead Colors, and Bracelet Design):

1 - Select Amount:
2 - Select Cord Color from Leather Cord Options pic above:
3 - Select Bead Color Combination from Bead Style Gallery above:
4 - Select Color Beads preferred:
5 - Add Clear Beads? (We recommend assembly per the d) Loop with 1 Clear Bead pic shown above to enable tying the two loose ends in a knot snug on the wrist. Cord is durable and will last approximately one year without removing.)
6 - Optional Instructions, Urgent Delivery Requirements (please call first), Mission Work Info for Prayer, etc. Smile :

7 - Click "Add to Cart" button above and then adjust item "Quantity" for multiples of item ordered. 

How soon may I expect to receive my order?

Salvation Bracelet Supplies are packaged by Memphis Inner-city Shine in the Dark Missionaries, servants to the homeless and indigent communities locally and abroad.

Thanks for supporting the Mission Work of Shine in the Dark Commission, a 501c3 Charitable Ministry.

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Shine in the Dark Commission
(501c3 Charitable Christian Ministry)
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