Salvation Bracelet Pony Beads

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SALVATION BRACELETS BEADS, Pony Barrel (6mm x 9 mm)


The beads on Salvation Bracelets are most important because each color represents a meaning in God's Plan of Salvation.  Not everyone uses 7 colors as we do.  Some missionaries may use only 5 or 6 colors.  For this reason, we offer individual colors as you find here.  We attempt to provide hard to find options in each color to match your personal preferences.  For example, we have gold options (11-14) to replace the commonly used yellow for gold.  Other specialty red colors include Blood Red (3), Crimson Red (8), and Neon Red (21) as well as Heart Beads.

Barrel Pony Beads 6mm x 9mm

23 Color Options

Opaque = Solid

Translucent = Clear


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