left) #4 Blood Heart Crayon STANDARD Salvation Cross    right) #12 Crimson Heart Christmas ART Salvation Cross

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Salvation Key Rings / Zipper Pulls, CROSS


Pretty hanging from rear-view mirror as a great conversation starter.

In the picture (click on pic) ==>

the cross on the left is the STANDARD SALVATION CROSS

and the Cross on the right is the ART SALVATION CROSS. 


Gold = crown on Jesus's head
Purple = King's robe over Jesus's shoulders
Red = places where Jesus was pierced
Glow White = Jesus's pure heart of love shining
Clear = Clean hands
Blue = where water came out with blood from Jesus' side
Black = sin under Jesus's feet
Green = grass for new, higher ground

Cross Key Rings / Zipper Pulls assembled by Memphis Inner-city Shine in the Dark Missionaries, servants to the homeless and indigent communities.

See Bead Style Gallery Page for more detailed information regarding Bead Styles.

Preassembled Salvation Bracelets, Key Rings, Gift Bags, and Craft Kits are custom-made per order and are non-returnable.  Thank you for your considerate understanding.

$1.99 each

Easy Order:

1) Select cross type:
2) Select bead style option from gallery below:

3) Click "Add to Cart" button above and then adjust item "Quantity" (may be any number).

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