ObaraMitnick - Sunday, 19 October 2014 20:00

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GenowefaBudeinstein - Sunday, 19 October 2014 19:59

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Debra Turner - Tuesday, 27 May 2014 21:59

I want to thank your organization for your rapid fulfillment of this order!  Truly amazing.  I am very pleased with the quality of the supplies and can't wait to make the bracelets with the children we will be serving in Haiti this summer

Shirley Burdick - Monday, 28 October 2013 14:10
Dominican Republic
October 2013
As I am just coming down from the natural high I get from a wonderful God-directed missions trip, I am reminiscing about how it all came about.
I first started this trip with fear and trembling with all these questions going through my mind. Am I spiritually ready to go to a strange country and share what I believe? Will God even use me? What am I going to do there? How will I do this? What will my room be like? Will I be happy or will I cry and want to go home like when we went to Africa? Will I fit in with the team? Do they even like me? What about the Dominicans? Do they see us as American, snooty rich people? Will they even listen to us? I don't want to work with children!
So feeling a strong nudge from God, and Roger of course, I obediently went. God's word says "Go ye, therefore, into ALL the world and preach the Gospel" So on October 8th, 2013, I boarded the plane for the first leg of the trip to SCORE, International Hotel. Very simple, plain but clean rooms with hot showers.
That night we prepared bags of food to feed the village of Los Altos, Dominican Republic. This is a very poor sugar cane village where the men work cutting sugar cane with a machete (no big tractors or machines. all by hand) and they earn $3 per day. That's $21/week to feed their families and pay their bills. But many of them are happy and many of them, their eyes are hollow and sad. One small bag of food will feed a family for one week. 
We spent the morning at Josiah's house. Homes for homeless boys. Where they are given house parents and love and are well taken care of. In the afternoon we went back to the church in Los Altos. Diana Putzer, Linda Ratliff and I all gave our testimonies to about 15-20 adults and taught them the salvation bracelets. Pretty ones for the women and cool ones for the men. Meanwhile the rest of the team taught VBS to the children and played games with them. We were at Los Altos for two days ministering to the people of Los Altos. I talked to a woman who was a regular at Pastor Ceasar's church. She told me she wasn't ready to make a commitment. But she gave me a big hug before she left and we prayed together.
The next day we visited Pasitos de Jesus. When I got there the littlest one immediately came over and sat on my lap. I later found out that she was one of the three that we support as a family. (Rosemary) I wanted to take her home with me. When we left she followed us out. She wanted to go home with us. I couldn't stop thinking about her and woke up the next morning wondering if my son or daughter would adopt her. We had our pictures taken with the 3 we support. Such sweet girls and very well taken care of and loved at this orphanage. They are safe there.
Then I had to take a break and stayed back in the afternoon since I was getting dehydrated and exhausted. I missed going to Emanuel House and seeing the 3 boys we support but Roger saw them and spent a little time with them. He is concerned about one of them. They are going to take him to a Doctor. He looks malnourished. These boys do not live there but are brought there daily by their parents. He lives in a very sad situation. Hopefully, something can be done for him. He may be better off at Josiah's house. We'll see!
The next day I felt revived and rested as we went to feed the village of La Yuguada where part of the team taught VBS. Again Linda Ratliff, Diana Putzer and I gave our testimonies. Diana Putzer's testimony was a very touching one about how her son was accidentally shot and killed at age 12 by a friend's little brother. She shared how she wouldn't have given her son for anyone but God gave His son for all of us. She gave an invitation and 10 adults prayed to receive Christ as their personal savior after I taught them salvation bracelets (for which 40 women and 10 men showed up) with a clear message of what God did for us. The next day, we had no plans for the adults so in the morning we polished the ladies nails. So we made a plan to teach Bible studies in the afternoon and again, the 40 women came and several men. I taught the Proverbs 31 woman and Linda taught on Sexual sins, drugs and alcohol. Two more adults accepted Christ as their personal savior. Pastor Ceasar will follow up on each of them.
God is so faithful and so good. He uses us in spite of ourselves. I was so unsure about going on this trip. I just wanted to stay home in my comfortable home and sleep in my own bed and not put myself out there where I could be judged or fall to exhaustion and have to deal with that awful relentless heat and humidity. If I had stayed home, 12 people would not be promised a place in heaven for eternity. Thank you Lord for the awesome privilege of serving you! Thank you Lord, Thank you!!! 
Shirley Burdick
Besides this, there were 17 children saved and some from door to door ministry but I don't have a count on them.  Thank you for your part.
Jay Beene - Tuesday, 24 September 2013 14:37

Testimony from a partner in Orlando:  Their team took 8,000 Salvation Bracelets to the Dominican Republic.  Several hundred pastors who had never shared the Gospel before used the Salvation Bracelets to witness for the first time and at least 5,200 were saved!  All Glory to God!!! 

Steven Blayer - Friday, 20 September 2013 20:03

Our order is for a mission trip to Liberia, west Africa, where we will be offering children's ministry to orphaned war children.  After reading through your website, these gospel bracelets will mean all the more to us now!  What a glorious work you are doing in Memphis! I grew up on the streets of NYC, and if I would have had a ministry like yours, I could have avoided a whole lot of trouble. God bless you for your faithfulness and your heart for the ones God has sent your way! May He continue to anoint you and fill you with all the grace you need for the call.

I’ll share the testimonies with you when we return.

Shirley Burdick - Friday, 20 September 2013 17:41

I'm thrilled that I can get these for my mission trip in both spanish and English and am able to support your ministry at the same time! I am ordering one set for now so I can see what they look like and If it is what I am looking for then will order more. Thank you!

Cali Roper - Wednesday, 18 September 2013 19:25

Hello Shine in the Dark Company,

I am a student at Rice University working on a Public Relations project where we are supposed to do something good in our community. I am planning on doing a fundraiser with these bracelets to raise money for a program called PHLI for children in the 5th ward of Houston. This program helps to get these students prepared for college as good Christian leaders.

I ordered some of the prepped supplies for the bracelets so that I could make them with these kids.

For my presentation, I have to go into detail about everything I did for this project. I was wondering if you could tell me what the money goes towards when people order your bracelets/supplies online.

I love what you guys stand for & what you do.

Thanks & God Bless!

Jay Beene - Friday, 20 September 2013 19:38

Hi Cali,

Your words are too kind.  I apologize for my delay in getting this to you, but I wanted to make certain I am all inclusive, not rushed.

I Googled the 5th Ward of Houston.  It looks like PHLI is working in an area very similar to the inner-city area I target.  The Lord has directed me to invest in maturing teenage boys away from their environmental elements ... a culture which is infested with gang and crime related activities.  I now have five boys living in my home, with approval by their mothers who sign a Power of Attorney for me to care for them.  I take the boys to different schools every morning, we have Bible Studies almost every evening, and we all attend church, which they greatly enjoy because our church fellowship is young and is highly involved in sports on a weekly basis.  While the boys are in my home, I attempt to instill work ethics, home economics, and financial responsibility into their character.  We use a point system as an incentive (http://shineinthedark.org/jesussavesboysteam/points.htm). We keep a school bus in a storage lot to accumulate thrift clothing, shoes, household goods, books, toys, etc. from partner Christian Thrift Stores.   We distribute these goods at least once/month to inner-city indigents.  We also receive bread and produce donations in excess and distribute the extras to the local refugee communities.  Our small church is made up of refugees from numerous countries.  So the boys are also learning to have a heart for those that are even less fortunate.

If it weren't for the handful of faithful friends who supplement our Bracelet Ministry income on a monthly basis, I would be lost regarding my own personal need for compassion since we do have our share of monthly bills.  Our ministry receives no support from any government agency.  The Salvation Bracelet Ministry has grown annually until recently.  This year we have been hindered because we had our website reconstructed in the spring and fell off the search engines, and I don't believe the site is sufficient in leading inquirers to find exactly what they may be searching for.  As a small business struggling to grow, we are consistently investing back into the Bracelet Ministry to operate more efficiently and productively.  Up until this year, I packed orders out of our tiny kitchen.  This past winter, we invested in an actual Work Station.  We've also recently had to upgrade the five computers we use for administration, order processing, and to train the boys in keeping up with the rapidly progressing computer programs and technology.  God somehow makes the monthly financial flow meet our expense requirements.  Our ministry tithes go monthly to World Orphans.

The Lord inspired me to have the "faith" to go on a mission trip to Neteroi, Brazil with my church in 2002. He handed me a check for the exact amount needed to go ($1500) within a couple of weeks of signing up. Our team of around 12 broke up into smaller groups and we distributed 10,000 Salvation Bracelets while we shared our faith in schools going from classroom to classroom.  Upon return, me and a friend bought our own supplies to go street witnessing locally.  The Lord again inspired me to start a website offering Salvation Bracelets.  This inspiration came through a series of supernatural occurrences. We are most fortunate and honored that He has given us this opportunity to provide a witness tool to many around the world sharing His Gospel Message.  And our boys earn spendable points by assembling and processing orders.

I pray for you as you embark on this funding effort for PHLI.  I encourage you that He is directing your path and will bless your endeavors.  Never despise the day of small beginnings.  Our first year, we sold $25 in Bracelets.  The following year, $50 ... and so on, until one day, we all stopped and prayed, and I asked God why did He have me to do so much work in preparation for such little outcome.  It was as though He replied, "I've been waiting for you to ask!"  And suddenly the sleeping ministry woke up.  Continue as He leads, even if it means helping in small ways, for each won soul is worth it!!!

God Bless You!!! 

Dawn Haynes - Tuesday, 17 September 2013 19:24

Great witnessing tool that we use in our Awana program every year. The kids love the salvation bracelets! We have also made them in several foreign countries on mission trips. Thanks so much!!!

Jay Beene - Wednesday, 18 September 2013 19:30

Thanks Dawn!  We pray that God use the Salvation Bracelets to win many to Christ through your Awana program and when you take them on mission trips

God bless your efforts to build His Kingdom!  Jay

B Molloy - Friday, 30 August 2013 20:13

Bracelets are going on a missions trip to children in squatter villages in South Africa.

What a wonderful response to receive in regards to my recent order of wristbands.  May God, too, continue to bless your home mission through the selling of your evangelistic products.  We've been very pleased with your products and service!

Chris Lin - Wednesday, 14 August 2013 16:01

This is a simple a great way to share the Gospel.

Brenda Blackmon - Tuesday, 13 August 2013 15:59

I like these bracelets. I used them on a mission trip to Nicaragua and the adults wanted one too! What a great way to explain and share the gospel message.

A Partida - Friday, 09 August 2013 15:58

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

We Will Definitely Order Again

Your Team is Amazing! We received our order today and we are

so impressed with the quality of your products. We are extremely

grateful for an Outreach Service like yours that Seeks to Spread the

Gospel in such a Unique & Special Way! Your Bracelets & Wristbands

are sure to leave a lasting impression on many lives. My husband & I

run two ministries. One as Spanish Leaders at our church in Vancouver, WA

and the other "Healing Harts" is an Outreach & Movie Ministry based out of

Portland, OR. We will be using your products to help spread the Gospel

Message of Salvation with a diverse background of people that come through

our doors. You are helping us serve the poor, the outcast, the homeless,

the abused, the depressed, the lost, people who do not speak English, and

many more! May God Continue to bless you and your work always!

To See What We're Doing, Here's the website http://www.HealingHarts.Org

In Christ's Love,

A Partida

Kimberlie Yoder - Friday, 02 August 2013 15:53

We have a huge event that we host in our community each year, our Back to School Bash.  We have about 250 families coming this year and would love to have these bracelets in time for our event date - August 10th, 2013.  We want to be able to witness to the people we help as we give them their school supplies and clothes!

Joseph Hise - Friday, 02 August 2013 15:48

Thank You! Keep up the good work and God speed to you and your boys.

Jeffrey Powell - Thursday, 13 June 2013 15:46

I am going with a group on a Mission Trip to Brazil July 6, and will be using these to share Christ.

Pleasant Valley Community Church - Thursday, 30 May 2013 15:44

Thank you so much to the person who helped me with this order while online. The bracelets will be handed out to children at our back-to-school event this summer.

Deana Brewer

MB Foster - Thursday, 23 May 2013 15:42

Please thank the people who prepared our order.

These bracelets will be used as a craft for children and adults at an outreach event in Redhill, Surrey, England. My son will bring them from the US to the UK for us.

The event is for people living in a 'housing estate' - what we call 'housing projects' in the US. My church has planted a tiny church in this place. Here's the website if you're curious. http://www.yourlocalchurch.info/About_us.html

May God bless your work.

MB Foster

Sandra Whitmoyer - Wednesday, 22 May 2013 15:31

"We love your ministry and your products!  These will be going to the Dominican Republic, may God bless you richly!  Thanks!"

Karen Andiel - Wednesday, 22 May 2013 15:28

Thank you so much! These are perfect for our Mission Trip to Belize. The kids will love them!

Laura Teel - Friday, 10 May 2013 15:27

Hi, we will be assembling this bracelets for a group to take to Yap, an island in Micronesia.  This small team will be helping with a teen camp and a VBS style camp.  We are hoping the bracelets will be a good reminder of the gospel after the camps for these kids living in poverty.  If we could receive the shipment as promptly as possible it will help us be able to assemble them by June 13 departure date.  Blessings, Laura

Melissa Richardson - Monday, 06 May 2013 15:26

Thank you so much - headed to Kenya on Monday and am so thankful for this opportunity to share the gospel over there!

Audra - Thursday, 23 August 2012 15:14

We love your silicone salvation bracelets!  Our youth group used them for a missions trip to New Orleans, and have asked for more to give out this year at their high school.  Our rule was you have to tell them what the words mean before you hand them out.  The salvation message is being shared!

Chris Dale - Friday, 24 August 2012 15:13

i would like to thank jay for all his stuff he did for me and ,ms lisa  for taking care of me jay i will be ova there today i won't u pray for my family  as we don't have any food in the house please pray  and tell everybody i will pray for them also i change my old ways this week an been helping my sisters and couzins and family know more about the lord thanks to u see ya jay

Jamie - Saturday, 16 June 2012 15:10

In July, myself and several other women are traveling to Bolivia on a medical missions trip. We are taking over a hundred salvation bracelets in hopes to share the gospel with the local children. Thank you for your work for the Kingdom of God.

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