Premium Salvation Bracelets Do It Yourself Prepped Supplies

The hard work is done for you ... the cord is cut and 1st knot tied off-center.

Create your own Exceptional Quality Unique Customized Salvation Bracelets

Shine in the Dark Premium Salvation Bracelets are CUSTOMIZED YOUR WAY!

Choose your Cord and Beads and Tie as you prefer.

 Premium Thick Round Cord Options (lasts at least a year continuous wear)

Awesome Selection of Gold and Red Beads and Premium Cords to choose from.

White Beads Glow in the Dark, which creates a special interest in this unique, treasured keepsake. Smile

Adjustable, One Size Fits Most up to an average man.

There are many ways to tie a Salvation Bracelet, however, after many years of experience, we believe this is the easiest method for all ages . . . 

How to Make a Salvation Bracelet Assembly Instructions PDF

A reference sample preassembled Salvation Bracelet is included with orders for making 100 or more Bracelets.


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